5241 Sunnybrook Road, Kent, Ohio 44240
(330) 677-4040

January’s Mustache Bash!

Last month, we welcomed winter with a lot of snow and subzero temperatures here in Kent, Ohio! Without the sunshine to brighten our days, we used the power of a chuckle, and it sure did boost our spirits! Resident Services Directors, Kaylin Miller & Lisa Moore, put together our January Mustache Bash! That’s right, a mustache party! Residents came together with friends and family to wear funny mustaches and play all sorts of fun games such as mustache trivia and pin the mustache on the Resident Services Directors. Not only was it a blast, but we learned a lot as well! For instance, did you know that there are different types of mustaches? For example, there’s the handlebar mustache, the Fu Manchu mustache, and even the toothbrush mustache! Part of the trivia included looking at different images of historic figures or icons and naming their mustache. Our mustache bash was such a fun way to stay warm inside and have a good laugh with friends!


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